Preview button

When I try to listen to what I have recorded with the preview button in “effects”, I only get 5 seconds of recording and cannot use the EQ sliders while the preview is going on. Not particularly helpful when trying to finalize the EQ of the tracks. However, I found this in a help section: “All other effect types supported in Audacity (LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Units for Mac) support real-time preview - you can change the effect settings while listening then press Apply to apply the effect to the waveform.” Well, not in my version of Audacity 2.4.2, and I just downloaded it today so I would assume it is the latest version.
I need longer preview times and the ability to change the EQ while listening to it.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Audacity has two types of built-in effects. The newer type have what we call “real-time preview”. This type allows you to preview the entire selection and adjust levels while previewing. So far, only a few of the built-in effects have real-time preview, though others will be converted in future releases.

In the older type effects, preview only works on the first 6 seconds of the selection and the controls cannot be adjusted during preview. However, the length of the preview can be increased in Audacity Preferences:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Playback”, then first item is “Effect Preview”.

(It’s OK to set Preview longer than you want, as you can stop the preview before it finishes).
I generally set the preview length to 20 seconds.