PreSonus USB 96 Anniversary locking settings Q


I have been gifted a PreSonus USB 96 Anniversary Edition audio interface. I am a turnkey podcaster, and I want to find out how to “lock” the settings on the audio interface.

I was not aware until VERY RECENTLY that the audio interface was not technically plug and play. (Embarrassing, but that’s where we are currently).

In any case, after installing the drivers, etc., I have been able to set the settings to 96 (where I would like them). I set the default into Audacity also to 96. Now, what ends up happening is that the audio interface seems to “reset” after the USB cable is disconnected.

Is there a way to prevent this from occurring? Or, am I essentially having to reset the equipment each and every time I use the pair? Any and all advice would be welcomed!


To set the default sample rate in Audacity, use Edit > Preferences > Quality. But you may already be doing this.

What did the Presonus people have to say when you contacted them?