Presonus Board Comaptible with audacity?

I have a Presonus 16.4.2 Board. Is it compatible with a mac running lion? I have the input preferences for the mac and audacity set to the personus option, hooked up with the firewire, but when I record thru Audacity, there is nothing! What do I need to do to make this right?

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. Does Lion still have a sound meter in that panel – a line of blue lights that bounce when you play music? Does it bounce when you play music through the Presonus.


Yes it does

So what is my next step?

Then you select the Presonus device in the Device Toolbar an start recording.
When you do that, do you see any indication of sound in the recording meter?
Does the cursor move across a new track in Audacity?
Is there a wiggly blue waveform appear?

Sorry I should have been more specific with my original post, but that being said–The Board is hooked up to the mac, presonus device is recognized in sound settings for input in system preferences for the mac; audacity recognizes the board for recording, which I have selected. However after I click on record on audacity, there is nothing–the waveform is flatlined and the meters (sound/speaker) don’t show anything either. Hope that helps a little bit more.

Which channels are you using on the Presonus?
In the system sound settings, how many channels are shown?

Are you able to record with the Pesonus Capture™ recording software?

It records thru capture just fine. Just can’t record thru audacity. For the channels, I am not where I am supposed to be looking in the audacity settings or Mac settings. So I am not sure about the channels.

On the Presonus.
Channel 1 is the first on the left. Is that the input that you are using?

In the Mac settings, what do you see? Can you post a screenshot?