pre-recorded project

I apologize if this has been answered already. I searched the faq, and didn’t find anything related. I appreciate any help.

I’m trying to work with a pre-recorded music file (not done with audacity). The file was recorded with a cam and pc mic and saved on my computer as a windows media audio/video file and it plays in windowws media. But, when I drag and drop the file to Audacity, and press PLAY, all I hear is noise (no song). I’ve tried exporting to mp3, but that doesn’t change anything.

Do I have to record my music through Audacity rather than opening a prerecorded file?

Thanks for the help,


Your file is most probably in an unsupported file format.
If you are on Windows there is a free program called SUPER by erightsoft that can convert most media formats to other formats. If you convert the file to WAV format you will be able to edit it in Audacity.

Audacity does not support video formats.