Posting Sound

How big a sound file can I post and where do I look it up?


2 megabytes.
I don’t think it’s documented anywhere apart from here. :wink:

The global maximum attachment size set in the control panel is 1 MB, in fact I just raised it from 750 kb yesterday. I think there is a hardcoded limit of 2 MB in php.ini, though that can be changed.

I’m not clear unless I try it if I can specify a different size for specific extensions or extension groups. Do we need say a 2 MB limit for audio files?

The total storage space allowed for attachments is only 200 MB (again I raised that yesterday from 100 MB). If we need say 3 MB maximum for files I would have to ask Buanzo how much space we have.


I think 1 MB is sufficient and it’s an easy to remember number. (the 2MB limit that I quoted was from an error message that I got when trying to post something too big - I guess that was from php.ini)

I’m working this back. Piano2.wav is 1.2MB. It’s six seconds at 16-bit. Stereo, 48000. What does it drop to if someone posts 32-bit floating? We’re always juggling between swamping the forum versus getting the posters to provide enough material in uncompressed form so we can chew on it. Is, like, maybe four seconds enough? I think that would be tight. Thoughts?


4 seconds is tight, but usually sufficient. Flac or Zip would almost double that. Are Flac files allowed?

mp3, ogg and wav is all that’s allowed. Can add wma, ra and m4a (ignoring movie files). Would have to turn FLAC on somewhere in the php files on the server. Most archives are allowed (7z, zip, rar…).


FLAC would be a very useful one as it is lossless compression and supported by Audacity (on all platforms?)

WMA could be useful given the number of Windows users, but carries an additional security risk. It is not uncommon for files with WMA extensions to be used for launching internet pop-up ads or as a container for other malware.

I’ve not observed any demand for other media types.

.NY could be useful (not sure if it’s currently permitted or not).

OK I’ve added FLAC as an allowable extension in the “Downloadable files” group - all files in that group have an upload limit of 1 MB. FLAC is supported in all three platforms in 1.3.x, but not properly on 1.2.x (I think FLAC works on Linux if you compile with a modern liblac, but only import works on Windows).

It now is - maximum upload size 1 MB as for .txt.

NB You can add extensions in ACP near the top of “Manage extensions” under “Posting” - I just couldn’t see it before. :confused: