Post template


Just a little thought…

Does anyone else think it would be useful to have a simple template, which new topics have, to prompt the OP so they don’t forget any relevant information when posting?

It may also help to lend a modicum of consistency to the posts?

Best regards.

That could be useful, but I don’t think the forum software (phpBB) has that feature.

Maybe not, but if phpBB is open source, it can :wink:

(To be honest, I don’t think a forum is the most appropriate solution to community support, but I don’t think there is a decent community support solution available, yet. IMHO they’re more geared towards chronicling a conversation than organising and streamlining a distributed and structured problem solving community. I think whatever solution takes over from forums could do with an initial post template - incorporating system info, issue background, etc, with some automatic data collection like versions, etc - and response templates as well as tagging and some other useful features.)


Sure, but we’re quite busy developing and supporting Audacity :wink:

I thought the “tag cloud” system that Ubuntu support trialed a while back was an interesting idea. It didn’t catch on, but it was interesting.

Personally I quite like the “Stack Exchange” Q&A system, although that software is not open source. There are some open source Q&A platforms, but I don’t think any of them come close to the popularity of Stack Exchange.