Post processing for radio voice over

Hi Everyone

I use Audacity exclusively for all my voice work (I do station IDs, announcements and programme intros).

I would love to find a great ‘recipe’ for getting that beautiful rich radio station voice sound. I’ve tried several combinations, but just wondering if anyone has found the ultimate mix of post-processing effects!

I use a Rode Podcaster microphone, which is good, but very flat.

Thank you for any ideas you may have.

James the Trainer

a Rode Podcaster microphone, which is good, but very flat.

In other words, it sounds like you.

There’s actually two problems with voice conversion. The software has to take your voice apart because not all timbers and pitches change with announcer, and it rarely works with a home studio because the background noise changes right along with the corrections. Sure, you may sound like a terrific “Radio Announcer,” but your new background noise will spill wine and scare the cat. Noise reduction will destroy your voice quality.

There was one posting from someone who could do modest but near-believable “performer” changes. He was after changing his voice into MegaZord gamer characters, so I’m not sure he understood what he had.

The performer made my favorite “instructional video” mistake. He made errors and didn’t cover them up or cut around them.

Behold EricMC who has an actual announcing voice and we just needed to get him through mastering for audiobooks.

Is that the voice you’re looking for?