Possible to send and receive over USB mixer?

Hey guys, I’m recording with Audacity on my MacBook Pro and using a Behringer Q802USB mixer. Using the same machine I’m recording on, I’d like to play tracks from iTunes (for example) via USB into the mixer while recording with the same mixer (usb audio codec in audacity) but Audacity doesn’t seem to be getting any audio even though I can hear it fine on the mixer. I’m not sure if it’s possible to send a signal to the mixer at the same time as recording from it so looking for some advice.

My goal is iTunes > audio output USB > mixer > mixer to USB input in audacity (so that the computer playback is also being recorded as well as other inputs)

If I use the headphone jack and output the audio thru that into the mixer, audacity sees it fine. Any advice? Thanks!

Audacity 2.0.5
Behringer Q802USB - Connecting via USB
OS X 10.9.3

That only works if your mixer has the ability to live mix the “USB Monitor Feed” into the show. Most mixers won’t do that because the object is to hear the base or rhythm playback in your headphones along with your live performance without the mix becoming part of the show.

People do that by accident all the time on Windows machines.

“How come when I overdub, the show keeps getting louder and louder?”

Adapt your headphone signal to the Mac Stereo Line-In instead of Mixer Line-Out. If you have an older MBP, you have a Stereo Line-In.


If you’re stuck with the USB connection, you might be able to adapt the Mixer Headphone signal to a second USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA-202.

I think the Mac will be happy with that.


Thanks a ton. I’ll use the headphone line to do this then. I was just thinking if it was possible to omit extra cables and stuff but I really appreciate the answer. Guess this mixer doesn’t have that feature anyways?



Try the USB/2-TR to Main Mix button. It sounds right, but I can’t really tell what it does even with the instruction book download.


yeah, i can’t figure out the manual at all. its a great mixer just poorly documented. I give the button a shot but I’m almost positive i tried all sorts of combinations already. Headphone out probably is still the easiest bet and i’ll have more control over the EQ to adjust it. Thanks for the help!