Possible to reverse effects added to audio


I had an audio file of a chant I had done - abt a 30 min file. There were some enhancements added to the audio afterwards using the Audacity Effects (amplify, reverb and fadeout in this order if it makes any diff) to increase the overall amplification, add some reverb quality and fade out certain words… I did not keep the original audio before these enhancements were added to the file. My Q is is there a way to reverse these effects and get the original raw file?

THanks in advance!!!

Mostly bad news…

Reverb can’t be removed. The “reverb tail”, where the reverb continues after the original sound has stopped can be completely silenced but that’s probably going to sound unnatural and there’s nothing you can do where the original sound and reverb overlap.

A complete fade-out to silence also can’t be completely-reversed (because there is noting left at the end). A partial fade-up or fade-down can possibly be reversed with the [u]Envelope Tool[/u].

Amplification CAN be reversed. i.e. If you amplified by +3dB, simply set amplify to -3dB (which is actually attenuation.) (If you amplified too much and the file is [u]clipped[/u], attenuation won’t remove the clipping.)

I had an audio file of a chant I had done - abt a 30 min file.

An original performance should be saved as an Audacity Lossless Project, or Exported as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file as a backup before you do anything to it.


Thank you to both of you for the answer… Disappointed but lesson learned for next time:)!