Possible to install Audacity on my home PC w/o internet?

Hey everybody -

I am missing my audio mixing/recutting capabilities, and I only have an old Windows XP at home with no internet.

My question is, is it possible to download the exe from this site and transport it to my home PC and use it? Is internet necessary to register, unzip, or what not? Am I wasting my time?

Thanks ----


You can go to a library or internet café and download Audacity from http://audacityteam.org/download/ to a USB stick. Then plug in the USB stick to the XP computer and drag Audacity off the stick. You can use the installer or the zip on the XP computer. Having got the installer on the stick, it does not need internet access to run the installer. There are no registration procedures for the software.

There are also third-party companies who offer (possibly outdated) versions of Audacity on a mailed CD, bundled with other open source software:
http://audacityteam.org/download/buy .


You don’t need the Internet.

When you do have Internet access to download Audacity, I also recommend downloading & saving the optional LAME encoder (MP3) and the FFmpeg Import/Export libraries (several formats).

Interesting!! I’ve seen others try to do this with exe’s of games… not much luck, requiring some extra components to download/ unload / install. A computer whiz I’m not - Thanks! Will give it a try.


As already stated, once you have the installer, it does not require internet access for extra components. The type of installer you have seen is probably 1 MB or less in size. Audacity’s installer is complete, at 21 MB including the Manual.


Awesome- Thank you.