Possible to delete empty space across all tracks?

Hi there,

I’ve just started using Audacity (running on Windows 10) to edit a podcast and it’s been plain sailing so far - except for one thing:

I’ve been trying to find a way to delete empty space across all three tracks (the blue space in the screenshot) but can’t find a way to.

Yes, I could shift everything over to the left but there are a lot of separate sections in each track that are already aligned with each other and that would mean a lot of work.

I can delete parts of recorded material across all three track without any problem.

Am I missing something obvious or is there no function for this in Audacity? Any input very much appreciated!



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“Preferences > Tracks Behaviours” and enable the option “Editing a clip can move other clip”.

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Thanks, Steve - you’ve saved me no end of headaches!