portaudio broken/ not sees device

Firstly, I greatly appreciate all of your work, folkx. Thank you!

Now, coming to terms.

My setup: AMD-64, Terratec DMX XFire cs46xx, Debian Buster, stock Audacity v2.2.2 & libportaudio install

Observation: Audacity not see cs46xx devices (only onboard USB sound & vup/ downmix devices).
But ALSA tools & Ardour see, and they are able to capture/ output sound.
The error messg a got when starting audacity was something like in pa_alsa_linux.c function “set_period_size_near(…”. (cs46xx supports period_size 512 only at max).

After weeks over weeks of troubleshooting I got the impression that the underlying portaudio lib may be blamed for this error. So, I began swapping the portaudio lib against older versions a several times.

These are my findings, all with Audacity from Debian Buster repository v2.2.2:

  • portaudio stock version from Debian Buster => not works, Audacity not see devices of cs46xx (orig ticket issue)
  • portaudio2_19+svn2014XXX (in Debian Jessie?) => Nope, same as above
  • portaudio2_19+svn2011XXX (in Debian Wheezy/ Ubuntu?) => Ok, Audacity can record & play!

Seems, something has broken on the way from portaudio svn2011XXX up to => 2014XXX…

Hope, this helps any user in dispair as I was. And maybe, you developers manage to correct this issue in future versions of portaudio.

Thank you for your attention, and keep up your good work!

Perhaps you could report the problem to Portaudio: PortAudio - an Open-Source Cross-Platform Audio API

Could you try and get the exact error message. I’m not finding anything helpful on Google.

Are you able to build a C++ app from the source code?


@steve: thank you for your quick answer.

Are you able to build a C++ app from the source code?

Well, building software is not my daily cup of tea, so to say. :unamused: But I did compile & build, a several times. (First, I would need a running build environment…)

I was thinking that you could temporarily remove any portaudio “dev” packages that you may (or may not) have installed, and build Audacity from the source code (which includes portaudio).

I posted some recent build instructions here (pinned near the top): Compiling Audacity - Audacity Forum
The steps include setting up a minimal build environment.