Portable Settings

See: Attached screen grab.

That’s from Applications on this High Sierra Mac.

I generally just create a new folder and install Audacity into it, full stop. I have a machine with 12 of those—all different versions. The only shortcoming I’ve ever found is when I need to find a specific plugin. That can be a career move.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried to include the Portable Settings folder. All the others either have the app and nothing else, or a full install with all the folders and files.

I did this one out of order. I installed 2.4.2 first, then 3.0.2 … and then 2.2.2.

My 2.2.2 seems to have picked up all the settings and plugins on the system, and there’s nothing in the Portable Settings folder. As a side issue, some of the plugins seem to fake out Add/Remove Plugins. They tell me they installed but they don’t really.

What was supposed to happen? Do I really have to do this on a thumb drive like the instructions say?


“Portable Settings” should be inside “Audacity.app/Contents/”
In other words:
Audacity.app/Contents/Portable Settings/Plug-ins