Poor sound quality [SOLVED]

Using Audacity 2.0.5 (exe installer)
Windows 8.1

When I record an MP3 or any other source all visual indications indicate normal recording (visual grid jumps). But when I play back the recording it sounds like it’s coming through a tin can (nothing like the original when I was playing it). I’m unsure whether the fault is with the recording options I have selected or the playback options. In Preferences I tried all Host options plus all Playback and Recording options.

I had to reinstall Windows on this computer after a crash and Audacity worked fine before, so I know it’s something to do with the settings.

Any help is appreciated.


Audacity is the whipping boy.

More likely the new Windows has its conferencing processing turned on and it didn’t used to be. It’s OK for voice (Skype, etc.) but it kills music.



Why degrade the MP3 further by doing that? Just drag the MP3 into Audacity if you want to edit it.

In case it isn’t clear, what we’re guessing you’re doing is recording computer playback with the internal microphone. What you want to do is record with the stereo mix or what U hear choice (if you have those) or Windows WASAPI. See http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html


Problem Solved:

In Audacity I was selecting recording devices other then the microphone, but in the computer sound properties, the Mic remained highlighted as the default recording device. Once I chose Stereo Mix the problem was solved.

Now the recorded sound is almost identical to the original - just a very slight higher pitch.

Thank you


If the mic was Windows default, choosing “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input” or “Primary Sound Capture Device” in Audacity would still record the mic because those two Audacity inputs record whatever is the current Windows default device.