Poor sound quality from a video on chrome

Hi audiophile,

I am asking the hive mind some help. I am trying to record the audio of a series of talks on video but after long search here and trying multiple settings, both on audiacity and on the laptop soundsettings, the played back audio always comes out of very poor quality, not at all like what comes out of the speakers.

Dell xps 13, Realtek (R) audio. Not sure about sound card, or if any other info needed (happy to look for them)

If you have Windows 7 or later the [u]WASAPI (loopback)[/u] method should accurately capture the digital audio stream.

I have tried this method without any success

What happened?

the sound is always the same whatever settings I try

The only thing I can think of is… Are there any audio settings in Chrome (bass & treble controls, etc.)? Those settings could “enhance” what you’re hearing from Chrome without affecting what you’re capturing/recording.

…always comes out of very poor quality

Can you describe what’s wrong with the “quality”? Distortion, noise, frequency response variations?

And, I assume you’re using the same computer & same speakers/headphones when on Chrome and when you play-back later?

If you go to the manual page where it tells you how to record streaming audio there are suggestions for alternative software that you can try. Total Recorder is supposed to be “foolproof” and there is a free trial (I don’t own it).

I have dug a bit through chrome and couldn’t find any audio settings, I haven’t changed any myself.

the voice is coming out at low volume (which in itself is not a massive issue) with a bass distortion and there is a hissing and constant bass wind noise in the background. I have attached a sample of the recording on my original post.

Yes I do use the same laptop to record and to playback.

Thanks for the info, didn’t see that part with alternative software suggestion, I will try it though I would like a solution to use audiacity as I will need to be able to record audio for longer than the trial period.

In your file “audiacitytest.wav”, is that you talking, or something from the Internet?
While recording from Chrome, if you make a loud sound, does it get recorded?

No it wasn’t me talking, it is from a video from the net, I was going to test with the loud sound (I imagine to see if my mic was on but i tried previously with mic disable on the laptop, so I would have doubted it came from there) but it seems strangely to have solved itself as my recording is now perfect… well I don’t know what happened as since yesterday the only thing I have done is turn off the laptop for the night but it seems to work, thanks for the help anyway and hope the problem doesn’t come back.