Poor Quality Playback, Recording Through Turntables


I’m new here. I’m trying to record my decks through my Windows 10 laptop. There’s no mic input so I’m going directly from the booth output on my mixer to a USB external soundcard. It seems to record ok and the wave forms are of a decent size, but the playback is shocking, I don’t know if it’s a poor quality soundcard or something’s not set up right. Any advice much appreciated.


Make and model number?

Dynamode External USB 2.0 To 3D Virtual Audio Sound Card Adapter 7.1 CH

I’ve figured it out. When it was recording, it was just picking it up from the external mic, not through the soundcard. Sorted now and sounding like a dream, thanks :slight_smile:

That would explain it :slight_smile:
Glad you’ve sorted it out.