POGO in Audacity

Hi I have a question concerning a sound editing tool named POGO , its in FL studio and it allows to speed up the first part of the audio recording and then continuously goes back to the normal speed of the recording giving a solid techno like hit to the recorded sound.

My question is how can I get this type of tool in Audacity ? Is there a plug in ? This seams like a simple tool.

Thanks for all responses in advance.

Perhaps you could do something with the “Turntable Warping” effect - I think it is included in the LADSPA plug-in pack from the main Audacity web site.

My only question is haze someone a quick tutorial on the turn table plug in ? It seams promising however requires a lot of experimentation.

However thanks for the help :smiley:.

I don’t think that there are any written instructions for the “Turntable Warping” effect, but when you’ve worked it out, perhaps you could write up some instructions that could go on the Audacity wiki. ( http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php )