I have audacity 2.0.2 and I am using windows XP. I have downloaded some podacsts in itunes and am new to this game. I would like to rip a tune from the podcast and place in the itune library…can anyone help please.

If the podcast is available, just pull it out of iTunes onto your desktop. Open with Audacity. If the open step fails, you may need to install the FFMpeg software package.


If iTunes will not let you pull the podcast out, then you need to play it and record it in Audacity in real time. This is "recording music playing on the computer.



There is no link to FFmpeg on that page. It is best to link directly to the FFmpeg FAQ:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#ffdown .


I have the podcast saved in itunes and I am able to open and play it in Audacity. The podcast is 1hr:30m long and has a couple of tunes in there that I would like to get out and put in the itune library. I am sure that Audacity will do it but I can’t figure out how!

Select a section that you want to export, then use “File menu > Export Selection”.