Podcasting with Peavey PV10

I am trying to do a podcast with a Peavey PV10 USB mixer and recording with Audacity. I am using a laptop with Windows 10. I am also using an online system to bring in my co-host from Source-Connect Now https://now.source-elements.com/#!/. I get great audio from myself and I can hear him on by bluetooth headset connected to my laptop. Only problem I am having is audacity recording him. Not getting him at all. I am thinking I need to have a second track recording but not sure. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

I get great audio from myself and I can hear him on by bluetooth headset connected to my laptop.

Right. That’s what happens when the chat app takes over your machine. Skype pioneered that technology. The problem is recording. There are no sound pathways left. Does Source-Connect offer a way to record the conversation? Skype finally gave up and will record the podcast for you as long as everybody is on Skype.

I did it with two computers. I have a Peavey PV6. One computer runs the chat application and the other records the mix. I could have put Denise on Left and me on the Right and mixed it later, but the object of the test is do it live in one pass.

The recorder computer (on the left) has the playback pathways not doing anything, so I used that for live music backgrounds. Denise and I are three time zones apart. This is a ratty engineering test. No Academy Awards here.


Please note that the computer on the right can be running any chat app. Skype, iChat, Source-Connect. Doesn’t matter.

Apparently, the Source-Connect web page instructions do something similar with two different soundcards instead of different computers.


We can wait for someone with another solution. If you find a way to do it, post back so we can tell others.