Podcast phone interviews

Dear All,

First, I gotta tell you all that I love this forum. All you experts have cut the using decent audio equipment for podcasting learning curve way down. In fact I did the first show today, so now it’s on to step 2.

I’ve watched a number of youtube videos on doing phone interviews on your podcast through Google Voice and I purchased a two channel Zoom H4n to do the job. But Considering I have an 8 channel Presonus Firepod, I was wondering if I really had to change my setup to do the phone thing? And BTW, my PC does not have a built in microphone though my laptop does!

It’s not that big a deal, but it’s kinda fun learning how to do this stuff the right way. Thanks again!


how to do this stuff the right way.

That may be pushing it a little. Put three audio professionals in a room and they’ll do a job different ways. I attend talks and pick up hints and techniques every time.

“Wait. Give me that again. You wrap the microphone in surgical gauze…?”

I really had to change my setup to do the phone thing?

You do.
The fuzzy rule here is not to run Audacity and any other sound program at the same time on the same machine. They hate that.

So H4 it is. How were you going to connect the H4? I think you can’t split one H4 microphone and one cable connection, but I could easily be corrected. Then, if you use up the speaker connection for the H4, how were you planning on hearing the far side?

A note here as a variation on your post. If you regularly do a two-person show, get each person to record their own microphone. If you lead a clean, upstanding life, you can generally get Audacity to record your local microphone without messing anything else up. The far side sends you their WAV export (not MP3) and you combine theirs and yours in Audacity. The two show voices are clear because they never go on-line.


Koz, For the past 3 years my cohost and I have been doing exactly that. However, this week I added a mixer and a sound card. My audio, obviously, now sounds much better.
The problem: now Audacity capture both my audio and my cohost on Hangouts. Never happened before.
I am on Windows 10.1, latest Audacity and Hangouts. Also, WDM driver and Line In for mic and Headphones for Line Out to mixer.