Podcast interviewing - How to hear your guest through headphones, but not yourself

Hello, while recording interviews for my podcast, I can hear both myself and my guest through my headphones. Is there any way to have it set up so I can only hear my guest, and they can only hear me? The issue with hearing yourself is that there is a delay. I use Audacity, 2 usb microphones and have voicemeeter set up so both mics can record into audacity. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I can mute the headphones, but that obviously mutes both yourself and your guest/cohost.

I use Audacity, 2 usb microphones and have voicemeeter

Plug your headphones into the guest’s microphone monitor point and plug their headphones into yours. Both the Blue Yeti and the Samson G-Track can do this trick and I assume others. You can’t use the computer headphones because of the digital processing delay. This is exactly the problem music overdubbing people run into.

The next level up in your setup doesn’t have this problem. Analog microphones into a small mixer. The headphone monitor point on the mixer doesn’t have the delay and you can both hear both comfortably. They make small boxes with headphone splitters and individual volume controls.

The mixer can be USB to the computer and it’s only used for recording the mixed show. The next level up from that is the USB mixer that can hear the computer playback as well as send the mixed show for recording.