podcast edit


I am trying to edit my voice track with a separate track containing interviews and movie clips.
the tutorials show how to add a music bed only.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Audacity does not support video.

You can add audio interview clips by importing them, similar to how the tutorial shows how import music.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill.
I wasn’t very clear. I’m only using audio movie clips.

So are you good to go now?
– Bill

not really,Bill.
I’m still trying to find the best way to combine parts of
two different tracks into one for my podcast.

Perhaps this will help: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_mixing_a_narration_with_background_music.html

Thanks, Steve.

I have read that tutorial… but im not adding background music.
My goal is to combine two full audio tracks into one… my narration interspersed with
interviews and audio only movie clips.

The “narration plus background music” tutorial is a demonstration of the techniques you can use to adjust and mix multiple tracks together. The same techniques apply to what you are doing.

So what you have is two tracks: 1) your narration plus interview clips, and 2) the movie clips.

Use the time shift tool to move the various clips into the right places on the timeline.
If you need to split your narration/interview track (or your movie clips track) so you can move individual segments, use Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split as shown in the tutorial.
Hint - go to Audacity > Preferences > Keyboard, click the Defaults button (which opens a menu) and select “Full”. This will provide a shortcut for the Split command (Command + I).

You can use the envelope tool to adjust the volumes of individual clips so they sound good together.

Once you have everything sounding good, just do File > Export then choose the format you want your final podcast file to be (probably MP3). This will automatically mix the two tracks into one.

Save your Audacity project containing the 2 tracks. That way you can go back later and make more adjustments if needed.

– Bill

Audacity will not Time Shift fractions of tracks. So if you want to cut into and out of an interview, it will need to be distributed on separate whole tracks like this.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.28.32.png
One is the interviewer. Two and three are segments of the same person. Keep adding tracks from different places or sources as needed and move them around with Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows).

Note I also dipped the volume of the main track slightly during the response. If both tracks are noisy, a lot of these fancy-pants tricks go away because the noise will go up and down with the production cutting and effects.

This is why a “simple” interview or mix can turn into a career move.

I did the illustration with mono tracks—single blue waves. If you’re in stereo, everything is double. Two blue waves, Left and Right.