Podcast Audio Quality Feedback

Thank you, that is great information to know!

My only concern now and perhaps I’m being a little greedy, but I feel like my voice is too violent. When I listen to my recordings, it always seems like my voice is piercing through the speakers. I wish there was a way to smooth it out some more.

That’s valid. That’s probably the slight grittiness I complained about. Is this better? (attached) I created a filter to suppress the slight harshness in your voice. Also enclosed the graphic version of the filter (so you can see what it’s supposed to look like) and the data package so you can install a version of it on your own Audacity.

Installing equalizer filters is a little magic. Yell if you have problems.

You may have to zoom the browser to see the whole thing, or capture and display the picture without the browser.

The area around 3000 to 4000 is the “kid screaming on jet” / fingernails on blackboard sound. You can modify this curve by making it a little less deep (Move the control points by click-dragging). The first version was really deep graph and sounded like AM radio because I overdid it.

Ummmm. Here it is. I thought I wrote something about this.

Adding Audacity Equalization Curves
– Select something on the timeline.
– Effect > Equalization > Save/Manage Curves > Import
– Select rgh89-vocal.xml > OK.
– rgh89-vocal now appears in the equalization preset curve list.

rgh89-vocal.xml (508 Bytes)
Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.44.13.png