"Pocketing" Drum Tracks in Audacity?

So, I’ve got a drum kit with 16 mics on it that I recorded in Reaper. I’d like to move those tracks over to Audacity in order to “nudge” some of the hits a little closer to the grid (a la Protools “nudge”), but I’m not exactly finding a quick and easy way to do this - especially across multiple tracks - in Audacity. I’d love to be able to do this in Audacity since I made the click tracks in there…

Can anyone help with this? Does this function exist in Audacity?


The magic phrase is “quantize drums”.

Audacity does not do that.

Hmm… I always thought “quantizing” was snapping EVERYTHING to the grid - not just scooching over a beat or two, right?? No?

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