Plugins specifically VST-GVST

Hi This is my first time on any forum. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and Audacity Version 2.1.3. I have just started using Audacity for creating my own recordings. My voice with good quality backing tracks. I’ve been using Audacity for cleaning all my music downloads. I have no clue of exactly what the proper steps to take for good quality tracks but that’s another issue. For now I’m having trouble loading VST plugins. I have downloaded all the VST 64 bit plugins on line but the only ones I can get installed are as follows: Ambience (which I won’t keep $$); autotalent; BLOCKFISH; container-SynthEdit; FLOORFISH de-esser; Kerovee; and SPITFISH. The others after selected load but still aren’t seen even after I go to EDit, Pref. and make sure VST is checked. Then close the program and reopen, go into Effects; plugins Add; and enable those I want, they load but again aren’t seen on the effects menu. What am I missing??? I need help but I’m not a tech no geek! Please kepp it simple. Thanks

See here in the manual for information about installing VST effects for Audacity:

Note in particular: On Windows Audacity is a 32-bit application so will not see 64-bit versions of VST plug-ins, even on 64-bit operating systems.