Plugins not working after a reinstall (you wa shock and spitfish)

I’ve recently bought a new faster ssd and reinstalled windows on there. As part of doing this I had to reinstall audacity.
THe trouble is, I just can’t get my plugins working on this new install. Spitfish de-esser and you wa shock.
First the trouble was I’d installed 64 bit so I uninstalled and installed 32 bit instead.
They were appearing on the effects list for a while but any attempt to open them got an error and nothing.
I tried deleting the audacity data from users/appdata/roaming.
Now the effects don’t appear in the effects list at all or as an option to add them on that menu. Reinstalling audacity does nothing to help here.

Any idea how to get these plugins working in 2022?

Plugins can be stored in that folder …


If you deleted the folder


Then you could have deleted the plugins which are now AWOL

Free Alternatives to spitfish which are available in both 32 & 64 bit include…
T-De-Esser Plus’ free VST … 'T-De-Esser Plus' free VST

The Audacity-specific Desibilator plugin works on 32 or 64 bit Audcaity … Updated De-Clicker and new De-esser for speech - #199 by Trebor

Toneboosters have 2 free de-essers, but they are 64-bit only …

Ah, I misremembered they went in the audactiy folders plugin folder.

Putting them into appdata now and trying to turn them on I get the error that the dll failed to register, cannot load library. Any idea what this is about?
These plugins were working fine before I reinstalled windows.

“You Wa Shock” is from 2007 :open_mouth: , & only compatible up to Windows Vista.
[ I did try to get it to work on Windows 8, without success ].

Here are a couple of modern alternatives … Audacity Version 3.0.3 PLUGIN error on 64 bits - #4 by Trebor