plugins issue

i just installed 2.3.3 and i copied some new waves plugins inside the plugin folder, then i ran audacity and tried to enable each new plugin
but it faild , i uninstalled my audacity and installed 2.3.2 and now i still get new plugins location pathes inside the add/remove effects page
how can i reset audacity to its default and have it just to see the default plugins not what i tried i did before ?

Many thanks

Audacity is a 32-bit application so you need 32-bit plug-ins. I don’t know if WAVES are 32-bit. From what I’ve found online, some older WAVES plug-ins may be 32-bits.

Audacity is NOT on the [u]list of officially supported hosts[/u]. They might work but if they don’t you can’t really complain…


Compatibility is up to the plug-in developer, not the host developer. And, almost no commercial plug-ins support Audacity. Probably because most Audacity users don’t pay for plug-ins, but sometimes they work. Free plug-ins are also hit-or-miss because the developers don’t have the budget for testing & debugging with several different hosts.

i have one of waves plugins as 32 bit
but this is not the issue
i still see same list if plugins inside audacity , even when i uninstall and install again
how can i let audacity sees default as i installed it first time ?

please check my screenshot
now i uninstalled it from drive D: but when i install it again it show me old plugins again

i fixed my problem

thanks all