Plugins are blank (Audacity 2.4.2)

Hi there,

I just got a new Mac, manufactured 2019 — macOS Catalina. I’ve long been using Audacity for audio production. When I installed the program on this Mac, I also installed plug-ins by Melda Productions, version 14 of their VST package. The plug-ins were imported into the plug-ins folder and enabled on the software, except when I open them, they show up blank. There is no interface except the bottom play bar and options menu, and the buttons “Close” and “Apply”. Everything else is blank. Why is this happening? I am worried that it has to do with the bitrate, that perhaps it is a 64-bit-only program now, when Audacity still runs in 32-bit. If so are there any alternative VST packages you recommend? What do you think is happening?

when Audacity still runs in 32-bit.

I think it’s a little more serious than that.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 7.22.29 AM.png
Melda VST may be the only thing that’s still 32-bit.


The latest MAC version of Audacity is 64-bit, (PC is still 32-bit).

Having said that VST plug-ins won’t work in Audacity if they are VST3 or VSTi

The desperation method is keep a Mac on an earlier OS. That’s how I did it to retain some of my older valuable programs. I don’t let it touch the internet. That’s what usually causes security problems. It’s possible to juggle networking so you can share work between Macs without exposure.


There’s an app for using 32-bit VST in a 64-bit host …
jBridge ( for Windows ) | J's stuff (MAC & PC)
I’ve never used it myself though.


If you try that method, Post back how it went.


This is all so ironic :woman_shrugging: The reason I had to get a new laptop in the first place was that my Mac crashed when I finally let it update due to lack of space.

The converter program is incompatible with OS Catalina. I may see if I can restore the computer to an earlier OS, but I’m worried it will further complicate things. Moreover I’m thinking of perhaps just waiting.

Any other VSTs that may be OS 15.1 compatible?

Apparently Melda plugins are available in 32 & 64 bit …
Plugin installer | MeldaProduction (400Mb download !).

Although it does say some are VST3 …

Currently Audacity is not VST3 compatible …