Plugin Troubles on Newer Versions of Audacity

Hi friends,

I’ve used Audacity for many, many years. Over the years, I’ve found plugins I like and am familiar with, and have stuck to my favorites. Several updates ago, about 2 or 3, one of my favorites, Reapers EQ, started acting buggy. When I try to set a position for the bands, the numbers change to zero, and I have to mess with it to get the number I’d like right. I’m also having problems with some other plugins, too. I’ll process a track with a plug-in, and the track remains unchanged.

Does anyone know what the cause of this is? The plugins are up to date. The only thing that has changed is Audacity. My Reaper EQ worked in the old version perfectly.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

You’re not alone: I have VST2 plugins where the real-time preview obeys my settings in Audacity3 , but when rendered the default plugin settings are applied, (sometimes default = null =unchanged).

The trouble is, I have VST3 plugins I wouldn’t mind having access to, and the last version of Audacity that worked with the Reaper plugin, didn’t have VST3 support. So, it’s a win/lose trade-off to downgrade :frowning:

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