Plugin that detunes/tunes up-side-down the vibe of a song?

'm having a hard time trying to detune a song from a happy major key(as attached) to twisted, minor keys when it’s reaching its last few notes. This effect happens sometimes in thrillers when the scene is being switched from peace to horror.

I tried “changing pitch” and some other possible plug-ins, but none of them work. Anyone has idea for this magical effect…? thanks!!

like a tape being chewed on playback ? …

It sounds like what I wanted…terrific…thanks again Trebor!! It was however my problem, I guess I have to handle it carefully, I made it sounded quite funny than creepy.

Really? In what way did the answer help you? This link helped me.

If you need to make quite decent out-of-tune chewed tape alike record, try these settings:

This is spectrogram before:

This is spectrogram after:

Is it possible to make this effect even better with randomising also the tempo? Basically the frequency of a tape is determined by the tape speed. If it’s not constant (like it never is), the tune is chnanging, but the duration changes as well. I can apply the speed morph (eighter speed it up or slow it down), by using a speed modifier. Can I modulate it? Would it be possible to change speed randomly in certain segments of the record?

That would be even better effect, closer to the real chewed tape. I can make very convincing worn tape effect, but the original duration stays untouched, whereas on the real tape, the duration is also altered, naturally by stretching the magnetic signal…

There are randomize plugins for Audacity …
https ://
https ://

I guess you misunderstood me. I was talking about improving the effect already given, which is the pitch modulation one. I was simply asking if one could make random speed modulation and/or combine those two ones together (so it would create realistic old tape effect)

https ://