Plugin problem (Podolski)

Newbie Help needed.
Running Audacity 3.3.3
Win 10 / 64bit
Trying to install Podolski synth plugin.
Found “how to videos” and all that. Anyway, after installing, trying to activate the plugin, but i get this:
Effect or command at C:\Program Files (x86) Audacity\plug-ins\Podolski(x64).dll failed to register: Could not load the library.


Audacity isn’t a MIDI application and it doesn’t support virtual instruments. (It has some very limited MIDI capabilities.)

Just for good measure, you’re trying to run a 64-bit plugin in 32*-bit Audacity, which is not possible.

[“x86” = 32-bit].

64-bit Audacity is available, but as DVDdoug said, it won’t run VSTi plugins. (i=instrument).

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