Plugin "Presence"

Hello. I’m looking for Audacity (latest) a plugin to vary the “presence”. I refer to the distance between the microphone and the voice or mouth. This can vary, making (once the recorded voice) it is closer or far from the microphone. I do not think I’ve seen this plugin in Audacity, but I downloaded the additional plugins that Audacity offers. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

A little reverb will make it sound like you are farther from the mic. Use a small room size and just a touch of reverb… You want to change the sound but you don’t want the reverb to be noticeable (unless you want it to sound like you are in an auditorium or a tiled bathroom). There are lots of settings to play with and you’ll have to experiment.

But you can’t do the opposite… You can’t remove reverb or “room sound” if you were too far from the mic.

[ EDIT ] - There is something you can try to make it sound closer. The Gate effect (noise gate) will kill the sound entirely (or reduce it) when the sound level falls below the threshold (i.e. when no one is speaking/singing). That will kill any remaining room-noise during silence and it will make it truly-silent. But, this can sound rather unnatural.

If you are very-close to a cardioid (directional) mic, you’ll get some bass-boost (proximity effect). You can use the bass & treble effect or the equalization effect to increase or decrease the bass.

BTW - In audio terminology [u]presence[/u] usually relates to mid-frequency equalization. Your stereo might have bass, midrange, and treble controls, or the same controls might be labeled bass, presence, treble. That kind of presence doesn’t make the sound “closer”, but it tends to bring-up the voice-frequencies in a recording.

…So, if you search for a “presence” plug-in, you might find something that adjusts the mid-frequencies. You can do that with any-old equalizer, and I don’t think that’s what you want.