Plugin not in the "effect" list

Good evening from Milan / Italy!
New in the forum and quite new with Audacity (realese 2.0.6 - obtained the .exe - operating system Window 7 Professional )

I have downloaded about 30 free plugins from the web to test them in Audacity with the aim to mantain only those favourites and throw away the rest.

All the files .dll are placed into the plugin folder.
They are listed to be selected in the window “installa effetti VST” the second time you run Audacity.
“install all the effect” is the selection.

During the loading, an error occurs when the “preampemulator.dll” is processed.
Here the error strings: Can’t load module. “dehaupt DH_Soft Dist 1.2+”
After the acknowledgment of the error, all the rest of the plugins are processed correctly.

At the end of the loading section when Audacity opens, only part of the listed plugins are in the effect list.


Here some missing plugins / not loaded:
about further 10 files .dll included in

Thanks in advance if you have idea where is my mistake!

Audacity on Windows is a 32 bit application and so does not support 64 bit plugins. You could try the 32 bit versions.
Some plugins may not work in “graphical mode”, in which case you could try turning off graphical mode in preferences.
See here for additional information:

Thanks Steve for your reply!!