Plugin manager?

Thank you in advance for for any help.

I am using Audacity for the first time in several years.
I have found it easy to remember the workflow…other than one thing, the plugins.
We will be using several plugins on different channels; once I have altered the parameters of them and closed the plugin down how do I see what plugins are on each channel.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hope this makes sense.

That’s a common complaint, along with not being able to add or remove effects and plugins out of order. Audacity forms UNDO by saving the whole show with the new sound—and it backs out of corrections the same way. There is no ‘out of order’ and other than writing it down or screen grabs, there’s no way to save settings (that I know of).

And just so you don’t get burned, Audacity Projects do not save UNDO, so don’t dig yourself a hole.


Audacity is a “what you see is what you get” type editor. To apply an effect, select the audio that you want to apply the effect to, open the effect, and apply it. The audio is processed immediately. Job done.

Thank you!