Plugin Behavior Change

MACOS 10.15
Audacity 3.2.2 (just upgraded from 3.2.1)

This problem began with 3.2.1 for me. Prior to that I don’t recall which version I had.

After a narration, the first thing I do is a Noise Removal (Using Izotope 5.0 Dialogue Denoiser) - It has worked flawlessly for several years. Still works; it and other plugins behave differently now.

I used to select the plugin, make settings changes in the plugin, and click Preview (to learn the noise floor). And now, withe 3.2.1 &2 it became Different. I also used to be able to select the track again, while the plugin dialog box was open, perhaps change my selection for denoising, and go back to the plugin and either Preview again, or Apply.

Easy - Flexible - Consistent

But not anymore.

Can you make it work like it used to for this and ALL the other plugins?

Thank You


In Audacity 3.2.x VST2 real-time functionality was sacrificed (temporarily) to introduce VST3 compatibility.

If you have a VST3 version of your plugins that could be a solution,
(until VST2 real-time function is restored).
otherwise …