VST in the new version 3.2.1- Help

Hello everyone, I recently bought a new computer with windows 11 and I reformatted an old computer with windows 10. I downloaded the new version of audacity, 3.2.1, and I reinstalled the plugins I had in the previous version, both in the stemberg folder, and in the path appdata-roaming-audacity-plug-ins. This was what I did in the previous version and the pugins worked correctly (I only used vst and vst2 because vst3 were not compatible yet). The problem is that now even though the plugins are recognized and enabled, I can’t get them to work. I try to explain myself better, clicking on effects next to the track opens a window on the left edge with real-time effects written at the top, immediately below there is a “button” that says “add effect”, but by clicking on this writing, the list of effects I have does not appear and the window remains empty, while if I try to load the effect from where it was done in previous versions, the plugin opens, but it is not possible to press the play of the player to start the song. How can I solve this problem. Thank you very much

“Real-time” effects currently support VST3 but not VST2.

VST2 effects no longer have “real-time preview”, but I think the plan is to eventually support them as real-time effects.

Currently, the only way to get real-time adjustments with VST2 effects is to use an older version of Audacity.
Older versions are available here: Old Audacity versions download

thank you very much Steve, then since I only have plugins vst 2, I think I will have to look for plugins in vst3, thanks, tomorrow I’ll try and see what happens: if I have difficulty I try to rewrite here on the forum, thanks again and have you a nice day

thanks again Steve, with the vst3 plugins the real-time effects work perfectly :slight_smile:

Hi All
I am struggling to get Real-Time effects to go in my 3.2.1. Right now I’m just looking for a simple EQ, so I downloaded this one by following the link provided by Audacity…

The installing part is what’s throwing me. I start the install wizard and I’m not sure what to do after that. It seems I have to put the file somewhere specifically in the AUDACITY folder but where? I’m not sure. I think it’s got to be one of these folders (see this page under “manually install plugins.” but it doesn’t show up in the left side-bar after “installation.”


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Real-time effects in 3.2.1 are only possible with VST3 type plugins, (previously VST2 real-time was possible).
64-bit VST3 plugins can be put in …

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

The effect is listed on the real-time effects under “Red Rock Sound”.
EQ560 in Audcaity 3-2-1.gif

Thanks. Got it working!