Plug-ins not working

Previously in my system the RMS Measure plug-in wasn’t working, but with help from here, as a workaround I still was able to add ACX-Check plugin (another advice was to use Analyze > Contrast > Measure Selection).

Now the situation is much worse as none of the plugins work.
Again, they are showing in “Manage plug-ins” window, but can be enabled only seemingly.
Drop-down menus don’t show them.

Updating to 3.1.1. didn’t change this.
It seems that after uninstalling there’s still some baggage left somewhere in my computer (64 bit Windows 10).
Does anyone have any ideas how to clean up my system?

I found a solution, which is to uninstall and reinstall to a renamed folder (c:\Program Files\Audacity311).
After this, all built-in plugins do work. RMS Measure and ACX-Check work too but in “Manage plug-ins” window they show only as “new”, not when option “show all” is used.

“Manage plug-ins” window is full of stuff, every plugin with different paths, c:\Program Files\Audacity\Plug-Ins and c:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\Plug-Ins even though these folders don’t exist anymore.
Where is this old data inside my computer? Does anyone here know a way to clean this mess?

After the latest uninstall there was a message saying that all parts couldn’t be removed but it could be done manually, despite the folder c:\Program Files\Audacity was gone.

Despite these problems lately, I want to say that I like Audacity very much.

Windows hides some of its folder by default. See here for how to make hidden folders visible:

When you have done that, navigate to:


(where is your user name)
In there you should see a folder called “audacity”.

Ensure that Audacity is not running. Then delete that “audacity” folder.
The folder will be recreated when you launch Audacity and Audacity will be reset back to factory defaults.

Note that this will reset Audacity totally. You will need to reinstall any custom plug-ins.