Plug-in to automate function

I would like to know if there is any plug-in that can automate the following function:

Split a piece that is 2 tenths of a second before the metronome beat and 2 tenths of a second after the metronome beat.

The goal is to know if the ringtone I recorded is within that margin of 2 tenths of a second before or after the metronome beat.

In the image I did this editing manually, but considering the time 0.267 before or after the metronome beat, as an example.

If your ringtone is made into mp3 format, some silence (10ms -100ms) will be added to the start and end by the mp3 encoder.
That means mp3 files will not loop seamlessly: there will be a short silent gap.
And there will be a slight (& variable) delay before an mp3 actually begins to play sound.

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