Plug-In Request: 8-bit-ification

Hey there, I’m kinda new here, and I don’t know any coding so…

I haven’t found a plug-in that makes sound 8-bit like, so I’m requesting one here, in hope that someone can make one, please.

Thanks in advance.

Use the “Nyquist Prompt” effect (Effect menu) and paste this code into the text box:

(quantize s 127)

When the number of “steps” is 127, then a signal that ranges from -1 to +1 will be quantized to 255 levels (127 less than zero, 127 greater than zero, and zero itself), which is equivalent to 8 bit audio.

Is it the “Nyquist Command Line”?
(Using Audicity 2.0.5)

“Effect menu > Nyquist Prompt”

Ah, so it is (sorry, I’m not English so Audacity isn’t either :confused: ).