Plug in database in audacity PLUS how to...

So I’m recording two guitar tracks, acoustic guitar, simultaneously:

a mic’d guitar
and a DI

I’d like to start messing around with re-amping and using plugins on the DI guitar track so i can vary up the mix a bit.

Is there a database where I could download different plugins/ acoustic/ guitar effects?

For some reason this step seems difficult to me -Analog guy…


There are several [u]built-in effects[/u]. The three most commonly used effects compression (and limiting), equalization, and reverb (and delay) and there are built-in versions of these.

There are some optional Audacity/Nyquist effects [u]here[/u]. You’ll have to look through them to see which ones you might want to use. The Nyquist plug-ins are specifically designed for Audacity. I haven’t looked through the list to see if there is anything that you might want to use specifically for the guitar but there are some “saturation” effects that might be useful.

[u]Instructions for installing plug-ins.[/u]

Beyond that, you can just search for VST plug-ins. Amp/cabinet “sims” (simulators) are popular for DI guitar.

VST is a “standard” but it’s apparently not that standardized because many VSTs don’t support Audacity. And since Audacity is a 32-bit application only 32-bit VSTs work. With most commercial VSTs the developer publishes a list so supported “host applications”, but Audacity is rarely officially supported (although it may work). Presumably that’s because people who use Audacity don’t want to pay for plug-ins. With free VSTs it’s usually just hit-or-miss. These guys usually don’t have the budget to test, debug, and support, for all of the different hosts.


Thank you!!

Yeah -I actually really like some of the onboard effects in Audacity. The compression is great and so is the reverb and the echo -I use them all the time!!

I think the Nyquist stuff is what I need to look into next.

Thank you for the suggestions and I’m gonna get on it!

Thanks again!


Acon Multiply is a good free effect for acoustic guitars …
The 32-bit version works in Audacity on Windows.


Will check out ASAP!

Thank you!


I just tried the latest version of Acon multiply (1.2.1) in Audacity on Windows & there is a slight problem,
any adjustments to its equalizer are only applied after playback is stopped & restarted :frowning:

The other controls work in real-time, & you can still quickly step through the presets while the track is playing …

acon digital multiply 1-2-1.gif