Plot Spectrum from Command Line

From what I understand, command line function seems to be relatively basic. That being said, is there any way that I might be able to open the Spectrum Analyzer for a specific file from the command line?

A little background: basically what we want to do is create a simple script for other users of our system here that they can run. This script would theoretically take the input of a wav filename, and then pop up a display of the frequency analysis. The reason we want a script is our fear of users stripping wav data accidentally if they save the original file as a .aud file. The users aren’t always the most tech-savvy people.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks!

Short answer: No you can’t open Plot Spectrum from the command line.
Longer answer: There is an experimental “Script-Pipe” module:
There is also a command line audio program called SoX that may be of interest:

Thanks Steve!

I was aware of SoX, but (being dumb) didn’t get to the part that said it could also do frequency analysis plots - I’ll take a look!