PLEASE someone solve this I have to know how to do this

Yes I’m still on the hunt to find out how to make an audio file have more than 8 channels, you can see my previous posts

Running newest version of audacity, have advanced mixing turned on, when I export anything more than an 8 channel audio I get this message

The only standard format I know of that can support more than 7.1 channels is [u]Dolby Atmos[/u] but I don’t think there is any “home software” for creating Atmos files.

You can play it at home if you have a Blu-Ray player (and a Bly-Ray movie with Atmos tracks) and an audio video receiver with more than 8-channels, and more than 8 speakers.

Actually, you can make Atmos files at home… [u]This page[/u] lists DAWs that support Atmos. (They are not free.) Then in order to play it, you’d probably have to make a Blu-Ray disc and you’d have to find Blu-ray authoring software that supports Atmos.