Please make the pitching better

Make pitching to where it actually sounds like actual vocals instead of a demonic voice or a chipmunk voice. It would be helpful for people, like me, who create mashups in audacity.

The Sliding Stretch effect HAD a better pitch/temp algorithm but I THOUGHT the regular pitch shift now uses the same algorithm.

The more you pitch-shift the more unrealistic it gets.

If you want “miracles” you probably need Melodyne or Auto-Tune. Neither of these is free and neither one supports Audacity.

“Make Me Sound Like” jobs almost always fail. Not all the parts of speech shift between people.

If a large man and a young girl whisper at you, you may not be able to tell which was which. But the instant they spoke, it would be obvious. Simple Pitch Shift changes everything.

You need software that “knows” what a voice is. See DVDdoug.


This is actually being worked on right now - a method of pitching up and down with formant preservation (which eliminates the ‘chipmunk’ effect).

Won’t be long!

Oh nice! This is exactly the reply that I was looking for! Thank you so much for letting me know this info!

Another question for this reply, will this be a separate option along with the regular pitching or will it, when the format shift becomes a thing, be the only pitching available?