Please help me figure this out, guys. Pleeeeeaaasssee!

Alright, I wanna prank call some of my friends using a voice changer and record it through audacity.

I’m using Google Chat/Talk, whatever it’s called(the thing that’s integrated into Gmail), to do the calling, a mic that plugs into the jack on my computer to do the talking, Morphvox Pro for the voice changing, and Audacity is what I wanna record it all with.

The problem is, I can’t get audacity to record everything. It will either record my normal voice and Google talk, without the voice changer effects…or it will record my voice with the effects, but not the phone call through Google talk.

How can I get Audacity to record everything? My voice with the effects AND the phone call through Google Talk?

I’ve tried numerous combinations of inputs and outputs on both Audacity and Morphvox Pro, but I can’t get Audacity to record it all for the life of me.

Please help me with this, guys. It’s driving me crazy.

In order to work right, chat/conference software has to take over the computer sound channels leaving no place to grab voice for a recording. Skype does it, too. You need to find software specifically designed to do this. Skype has the Pamela suite of capture tools. Audacity won’t do it by itself.

Under some conditions Windows Total Recorder can be made to work. All these products are money-based and they all run into wiretap rules.


So, there’s no way at all to do what I want using free software?

There’s that guy on YouTube that claimed to be able to do it with Audacity and Skype, but nobody I know of claimed to do it with Google Chat. Koz

It has to be done somehow. I’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos where people have recorded voice change prank calls.

This should be a suggestion for Audacity then if it can’t do it.

It has to be done somehow. I’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos where people have recorded voice change prank calls.

With Skype, yes. I think one of the Pamela licenses is free and actually works as long as you don’t go over a minute or some restriction like that.

I think the guy on YouTube forced Audacity to record its own speaker somehow. The problem with a lot of these schemes is they mess with the quality of sound at the far end. The other end starts getting echoes of their own voice and the call starts falling apart.

One poster discovered a way to change the Windows Registry to force Skype recording to work – on his machine. Ever edit the Registry? They warn you you can destroy your computer.

I have YouTube account. Get one and write to one of those guys and find out how they did it.

Then write back here and tell us how you did it.


I think the restriction is 15 minutes per call.

What are “Pamela Licenses”? And how do they work? Do they come with skype once you download it? And can it be used for whatever you do with Skype, like, just Skype to Skype calling? Because I can’t afford to pay for mins on Skype just to prank call.

Do you know how to make Audacity “record its own speaker”? I don’t mind a loss in quality if it works.

Edit the registry to make Skype recording work? Wait, I’m confused, are you saying it will work with “Pamela Licenses”, or do I have to edit the registry the first? I’ve deleted things from the registry plenty of times, but I’ve never “edited” it, per se. Unless, that’s what you mean by editing.

Yeah, I guess I could mail some YouTubers, but Idk how likely it is to get a respone. Most of those guys just post the pranks and never log in again, or they’re so big on YouTube they probably won’t even see your message.

Point to Point Skype calls are free and group calls are free as long as you’re calling into a group manager, or someone who has a paid license. I think it also cost money if one of you is on a cellphone or land-line because those interchanges cost money. It gets more complicated as you graduate into Skype Video, but I never needed that so that’s a mystery to me.

Pamela has multiple software packages – licenses.

The upper two, Professional and Business will record you on the left and the far end on the right of a stereo show so that you can apply filters and effects to one without affecting the other. Those are the ones to use if you’re going to do a serious “radio” interview with somebody. This software and technique are reasonably reliable and far cheaper than trying to record a cellphone or landline directly, although the voice quality can be pretty bad if your neighbor, for just one example, happens to be downloading HiDef Adult Movies on the cable at the same time you’re trying to call Adelaide for an interview.

You have one other problem. Skype and the others may not be compatible with your special effects voice software. Skype is looking for your microphone and your effects software is, too. You won’t know until it fails.

You don’t buy software. You buy a license to use it. I own a license to use Photoshop.

Audacity has a license, too.

“Audacity is free software, developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).”


Well, I need to call cellphones/land lines, so I think I’ll just buy Skype credit or whatever. The site says $3 for a month of unlimited calling, and no contract. Sounds good to me. I’m confused about credit vs. money, though. It says $3 per month, so…what does that mean for credit? Do I buy credit and convert, or do I just pay $3?

So, Pamela is absolutely needed in order to do what I wanna do? I’ve done a bit of researching about how others do it, including watching videos, and I haven’t heard of or seen anything about Pamela. And what if I just get the free version? It says it will record 15mins worth of audio at a time, which is fine with me. Will the free version be enough for me?

I know Skype is compatible with Morphvox. I’ve seen videos on it. When you download Morphvox, a new option under both, your own computer’s audio inputs, and Skype’s audio inputs, will appear. It’s called “Screaming Bee audio mic”, or something like that. So, I should be good there.

You will need to ask Skype about that. We are not Skype and we can’t answer for them :wink:

There are various ways to record Skype and a number of products designed to record Skype. Some work, some are loaded with adverts, some may have viruses, some don’t work or don’t work on some computers. Pamela is just one of many products for recording Skype - it is a commercial product but people have reported that it generally works well, and the free version is reasonable. We can’t tell you what to buy. We can tell you that there is a free version of Pamela and it will cost you nothing to try it to see if it meets your needs.

Alright, I think I got all the info I need. I’ll figure the rest out on my own.

Thanks alot, guys. :slight_smile:

I have a problem with Pamela. I’m wondering if you guys can help me…

The audio doesn’t sync. I’ve been testing Pamela by calling the sound test thing on Skype, and it’s not picking up my voice when it should. Like, I’ll say certain words at certain times, and then when I play back the recording, my words don’t come in when they should. They come in late. So, yeah, it’s basically making my voice way outta sync.

Can you guys help me?

See here


Those things never get replies.

Besides, I figured it out. The voice changer program is causing the latency, and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it.

I can use a voice changer without latency using Ableton Live and a plugin, but it requires the asio4all driver(to reduce latency)…but, guesssss whaaaaaaat?! You can’t use asio4all and windows sound at the same time. Awesome!

What the fuck, man. Is this 2013 or 1932? Why the fuck can’t I get such a simple concept to work without any problems???

The point is we don’t make Pamela, Ableton, ASIO4all or anything except Audacity. If you don’t like Pamela, try another Skype recording software.

I can believe a voice changer could cause latency, which one are you using? Is it this ?

And please don’t swear and trigger the censoring filter.


Sorry. I’m just really frustrated. I can’t get this all to work properly. I bought a new mic and everything, and I feel like it was a waste.

No, I haven’t tried the “junior”, but I’m using Morphvox Pro. Is there a difference in latency?

How can I get all this to work? Do I have to buy a USB soundcard with Asio support or something?

I just wanna be able to use skype to make my calls, use a voice changer to change my voice, use Pamela(or whatever) to record the calls…me AND the other person in STEREO, not that my voice on one side, theirs on another non-sense…and I want my voice to have little to no latency with the voice changer.

What in the world do I have to do to do that???

“just”? :confused:
That is asking an awful lot from a single, general purpose home computer.

You want to

  • Route the audio from the microphone, through the computer sound card into a voice changing application
  • Route the output from the voice changing application to Skype
  • Route the output from the voice changing application to one channel in Audacity
  • Route the output from the voice changing application to your sound card so that you can hear it in your headphones
  • Send the audio input from Skype across the public Internet
  • Receive audio data from the Internet with Skype
  • Send the audio output from Skype to the other channel in Audacity
  • Send the audio output from Skype to your sound card output
  • Record both audio channels with Audacity to your hard drive

And you want to do all of this on one home computer with one sound card, with low latency and all in real time (and free?)
That is a lot of complex audio signal routing - probably more than a Windows PC can do.

You could perhaps run the voice changing software on one computer and run Skype and Pamela on another computer and connect the audio output from the first computer to the audio input on the second computer.

It looks like a lot of work just for a laugh. Why don’t you just phone them up and put on a silly voice?

No, I don’t need Audacity, unless, it can be done with Audacity? I was using Pamela earlier and it was working fine, just had latency.

The thing is, yeah, that’s a lot, but I did ALL of that EXCEPT the latency part. So, I’m close. Lol.

Seriously, dude, how can I do this? It looks like all I need to do is reduce my computer’s latency and I’ good. So, how can I do that?

I can spend money if I absolutely HAVE to, but not a whole lot. I can’t buy a new computer like that, but I can buy a cheap-ish external soundcard if it’ll get the job done.

I have 2 desktop computers right now, but they’re in different rooms. Can I connect them somewhow?

Anyway, help me dude, PLEASE. Lol. What am I supposed to do? Buy an external soundcard? Connect my 2 desktops somehow?

I’m lost…

That’s down to the Skype recording software you use. Each voice on one side is a kind of stereo, and Audacity will only mix both sides together. Even if your mic is stereo, is the other person’s mic stereo?