Please help with creating 5.1 OGG Vorbis files - [SOLVED]

Hello, new member here hoping to get some help. I’ve been using v 2.0.6 & just recently tried the newest build but still having an issue creating 5.1 OGG Vorbis files. I’m using 6 mono flac files (FL, FR, C, LFE, SL, SR. I understand that’s not the correct order to import for 5.1 OGG, haven’t figured that out yet but still irrelevant in my issue) & no matter which file ends up being imported last that channel is always completely muffled & staticky in the resulting 5.1 OGG file. I can upload a sample if there is a way to do that.

If I left out any info please let me know what else I can add. Thanks!

BTW, using Windows 10

That’s the “1” in “5.1”. The last channel is the low-frequency effects channel.

Thanks, I guess that makes sense but what doesn’t to me is why Audacity would alter that last file at all when it doesn’t if I’m creating a 5.1 flac or ac3 file.

Audacity uses several different encoders according to the file type and other settings. For Ogg Vorbis, the encoder is “libogg”.
The Ogg encoder automatically reduces the frequency range for the LFE channel so as to reduce “wasting bits” on high frequency components that will be redundant on playback.

Been trying to figure this out for awhile now, wish I would’ve came here sooner so thanks. One more question if you don’t mind…
I know the import order for FLAC is (FL / FR / Center / LFE / SL / SR). Do you know offhand the import order for OGG?

Not offhand, but Google is a wonderful tool: Vorbis I specification

Thanks again