Please Help with Click Track

Hello All,

I am new to Audacity. I’ve been having trouble muting the click track during play back. Right now I’m using an SPD SX through USB to record beats. I’ll start by generating a click track. However, when I mute or delete the click track later on, I can still hear it during play back.

What must I do to effectively mute the click track or remove it altogether after finishing a beat?


What must I do to effectively mute the click track or remove it altogether after finishing a beat?

I had a good answer already worked up and then I looked up what an SPD SX was. It’s not a hardware device, is it? It’s a software package.

Well shucks.

Maybe you don’t get there from here, to quote the very old joke. Recording What’s Playing On The Computer is what’s giving you your doubly recorded click track, but you are required to have that running in order to record your drum synth.


I’m pretty sure you can’t do that, someone will correct me. There’s no way to split the two systems.

On this computer you’re playing back your click track so you can keep good time…and on the other computer, you’re recording the synth performance.

I’m not a Windows elf, but I think it’s still true you can’t manage two different, split sound playbacks at once. Others may be along.


In Audacity’s Device Toolbar, are you recording with stereo mix (which can only record playback from the built-in sound device) or from WASAPI loopback?

If recording with stereo mix then if you can play the click track to a different sound device than the built-in sound device, such as a USB sound card, and can listen to that while playing the synth to the built-in sound device then it might work. Or use two computers.

Or buy a physical metronome.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for your hasty replies! I think I may have discovered a solution.

Using Windows WASAPI and the SPD SX as a direct in, I’m recording in stereo of course. Instead of having play back through my headphones (which are connected to the SPD SX), I’ve got playback running through the laptop speakers themselves. I think this is sort of the same solution as using a usb sound device.

I really just need to buy myself a mixer haha


And that’s going to work right up until you have to open a microphone.

Have you done any more “fleshing out” of your work? Drumming and rhythm is OK if you’re a Venice Drum Circle, but sooner or later you’re gong to want to build it out into more complex work.

Audacity gives good overdub.


So SPD SX is a physical USB audio device after all ?

If it was only a software synth and you have built in speakers and also a headphones output, those are separate audio devices and thus you “might” get it to work.

I have manged it in a bizarre fashion by setting default Windows playback device to “Speakers and Headphones”, Audacity recording device to “Speakers and Headphones (loopback)” and Audacity playback device to “Communications Headphones” (there is no “Speakers” choice). Then when I play music in Windows Media Player and overdub record I can hear the click track in the laptop speakers, the music in the headphones and I record only the music.

When trying to record I got error opening sound device until I set both Speakers and Headphones and Communications Headphones in Windows Sound to the same sample rate as Audacity project rate.