Please help with Audacity and Digi 003 set up as audio interface

Total newbie to this forum, but I’m looking for help using a Digi 003 as the audio interface for audacity. I’m using the Digi Core host, but don’t have any audio passing through the interface. Are there specific inputs required for the Digi 003 (e.g. 1/2) or should all audio inputs pass through Digi Core to Audacity?

If I recall correctly, the Digi 003 only works with Audacity with the WDM drivers (available from Avid). I think (but not sure) that Avid refer to this driver as the “Standalone Digidesign Windows Audio Drivers”.

I do recall that I had difficulty getting the Digi 003 to work with Audacity, but eventually found the correct drivers.

Unfortunately, even with the correct drivers you only get 2 channel recording (and 2 channel playback) with the Digi 003 and Audacity. To access the full multi-track capabilities of the Digi 003, use Pro Tools.

Thanks, I previously had it working, so believe I had the right drivers installed. My question is which audio inputs are used on the Digi 003?…or does it matter?

It’s been years since I used a digi 003 so I don’t remember exact details, but I’d try the first two inputs.

Thanks for the response. I got it working; forgot to enable the inputs on the front of the Digi 003.

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