please help me out to select noise reduction setting

hi, can i please upload a noisy recorded audio file and can a kind person please by testing that audio tell me the optimum noise reduction setting should i use to remove/reduce the noise from that audio please? from this audio i want to remove noise and make the voice clear. this is the pure noise sample

by noise reduction setting i meant the value of these -

You can post up to 10 seconds of WAV format (recommended). Include some typical work. It’s important that you also include a brief sample of pure background noise. Effect > Noise Reduction needs both.

What’s the show or performance? It rings alarm bells when someone posts a non-descriptive question like that.

Noise Reduction doesn’t work with noises that are constantly chaging such as traffic, conversations, and restaurant, elevator, or background music.

It also has trouble if your work is an MP3 or other compressed file type. Those have built-in distortion and can fight corrections.


tyvm for replying. my audio files are .aac format. should i always make output file after edit from audacity in only wav format? aside from wav all the other file types has built in distortion and can degrade my audio quality just cause if i select .mp3 during saving output from audacity after edit? Also when i tried to attach my .aac file here , it’s saying Invalid file extension, what should i do?

should i convert my .aac file to .wav and upload here? from this audio i want to remove noise and make the voice clear. this is the pure noise sample

As a rule of thumb, for Noise Reduction to work, the noise level must be substantially quieter than the audio that you wish to retain. Your audio sample is the opposite of that - the noise is louder than the voices. It won’t be possible to remove noise and make the voice clear. You “may” be able to reduce the noise level enough to be able to work out what is being said, but there’s no way to get clear voices.

I noticed that the voice seems to be in the right channel only, so you may find that it helps to split the track to mono ( and delete the left channel.

tyvm, that was just an example. there’s so many audiofiles of mine where spliting wont work. only option is to reducing noise. i dont need total clear voice, but just wanna reduce the noise maximum and make the voice understandable as much possible. can u please provide me an optimum noise reduction setting for that noise sample?
by noise reduction setting i meant the value of these -

A good starting point is 6,6,6 (and easy to remember :wink:)

If the noise level is very low compared to the sound that you want to keep, you can reduce the “Smoothing bands” a little, for example: 6,6,3.
“Smoothing bands” should normally be between 3 to 6 inclusive.

“Sensitivity” should normally be set to 6.

The “Noise reduction (dB)” is the one that you are likely to change most often. Smaller numbers give less reduction (more noise) and less metallic artifacts. Higher numbers reduce the noise more, but also cause more metallic artifacts. Somewhere between 6 and 12 is usually best.

Noise Reduction works very well when the noise level is constant and very low level. It can’t do miracles. If the noise is changing, or at a relatively high level, you are unlikely to get satisfactory results with any settings.

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