Please help: Get 2 channels to same volume level

Hi and thanks for your help.

Audio Interface: Berhinger U-Phoria UMC204
Microphones: Samson Q2U

I made my 5th & 6th recordings today, so I am very new to this.
I don’t have a studio and recordings are done with guests in an office of some sort, but fortunately not noisy. Thankfully, I can run “Noise Reduction”.

We had a last minute change of venue and I forgot my ATH M40X at home and couldn’t do proper levels before recording. I record mono with me on input #1 and the guest on #2.

When viewing in Audacity, the guest channel is notable louder than mine and I can hear clearly hear it on the headphones. I know this is fixable but not sure how.
#1.) I split the recording in a stereo track to with with the tracks separately.
#2.) This is where I need your help. My channel is a bit too soft and the guest’s too loud.
#3.) I did, during recording, upped my microphone’s level, meaning my channel is not at the same level throughout.
#4.) I did the opposite with the guest … by lowering his level at a stage.
#5.) How do I get the levels of both channels roughly at the same level?

I played around with Amplify certain portions that are loud or soft but cannot get them at the same loudness throughout.

I searched on Youtube for tutorials but cannot seem to find videos that address my question specifically.

I will appreciate it if you can point me in a direction.

Thanks very much.

A quick and easy way is to use “Loudness Normalization” effect. (This does NOT require splitting the stereo track).

Don’t worry about the level, (you can adjust that later), just ensure that “Normalize stereo channels independently” is enabled.
You can then use the “Amplify” effect (if necessary) to adjust the overall level.

Thanks very much. I am going to do it now and will post my results.