Please .. HELP background...white noise removal? cant seem to get it right - urgent

Hello, I am new to Audacity, not really familiar with music…recording and such so i am having a very hard time with something very urgent. Confidential but if done is going to the police.

Ive been at it for weeks… I am trying to clear up audio recordings (i have a few) recorded from either “voice recordings” from iphone, screen recording on iphone or iphone Camera.
No professional equipment but I tries to keep the room as quiet as possible so no interference. From my research I have tried to noise remove the background or white noise im not to sure what it is called and clarify/make louder any sounds behind it that I heard while recording. The sounds are from a wall or so over therefor i know it is a little tricky.

ANY help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
I have tried so far
noise reduction - i understand the higher number may or may not distort or lose the sounds i try to keep the reduction as low as I can.
Noise gate
notch filter

I have tried taking my recording and uploading it to websites that will remove background noise for you and i hear it its there but it doesn’t share whats being done to it and i cant control how much removal etc. I am new to the forum I can email, dropbox, or somehow share the clip with you if there is any chance you could share some help.

this is very important.

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Thank you in advance

It is a super bad idea to post an active email address on the forum. We are a SPAM Magnet and it’s an invitation to get tons of “sales opportunities.” I removed it. If you really do want it on here, you can post it again…but I wouldn’t. It’s a good way to destroy your email.

Audacity doesn’t have time stamps—at all— and can’t be third-party certified. That means we can’t support Surveillance, Law Enforcement, or Conflict Resolution. You can’t send the file to anyone. It will just look like a theatrical art piece you cooked up in your garage.

You can’t do a live presentation, either. How? You have to drag a sound system with you and good luck getting someone to sit still long enough to listen to it.

“Noisy Neighbor” posts arrive on the forum occasionally with no good resolution.


Processing rarely makes incomprehensible parts of a speech recording become understandable, (CSI is science-fiction).

also processing could make it inadmissible as evidence,
(digital processing can inadvertently change the meaning of what is heard).

If a naive* person cannot understand the raw unprocessed recording,
then IMO it would be a mistake to rely on it as evidence.

[* naive => the person has not been primed as to what the recording is about ]

Further reading.

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